How to use Google Spreadsheet for your cryptocurrencies portfolio overview

The final result
  • Row 2 is the quantity you own of a specific currency
  • Row 3 is the current unit price (we’ll see how to automatically get it)
  • Row 4 is the change in the last 24h
  • Row 5 is the (calculated) change in €
  • Row 6 is the actual total value of the asset
  • B8 and B10 are the sum() of row 5 and 6 respectively
  • Row 5 cells are =ROUND(B6 - ((B6 * 100) / (100 + (TO_PURE_NUMBER(B4) * 100))), 2) (adjust for B6 and B4 of course)
  • Row 6 cells are =ROUND(MULTIPLY(B3, B2), 2) (adjust for B3 and B2 of course)

Write a script to fetch the data

It is as simple as opening the script editor and copy pasting the code I will give you. Look:

From the Tools menu, select “Script editor…”
The script editor, as it looks like once you open it
Warning: the actual code may look a bit different from this screenshot in case I update it
This is me designing my shiny greeny button



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Claudio Cicali

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