Driving the Mercedes C200 — for dummies

Security sensors, they are all around you.

Your command center is the steering wheel

A car you can make glide

What I didn’t like

  • There are three ways to interact with the main dashboard: from the steering wheel, and two other gizmos in the central tunnel: a dial and a touch interface. Beside the steering wheel “remote” I don’t understand why mirror the same physical interface by the way of two different, yet super close to each other, tools
  • The dashboard and control’s UI is… improvable. When going through the already painful system to enter a location entering one letter at a time, for example, how is it possible that you cannot “wrap” from the “z” back to the “a”, but instead you need to go back through all the letters!? What about the random usage of a (boring) italic font when displaying informations? Why? Driving inside a town, the navigator indications on the map are too small and I found myself squinting and getting closer to it too many times, even when Auto zoom was set on
  • The car has several dynamic driving settings (from Sport+ to Eco, with even a custom option). The problem is that it doesn’t remember the previous setting when you shut the car off; I have always used the “Eco” setting, to find it back to “Comfort” when the car restarts again
  • Despite the main engine having been downsized thanks to the help of the electric engine, this car still drinks a lot. For 2100 km, almost always in Eco mode, using the freeway a lot and not going crazy with the cabrio option, we only averaged a sad 13 km/l. Maybe the car is very heavy, or I used the cruise control too much? I am not sure.




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